The Future of Sweepstakes Gaming: Predictions and Trends 2023

Future of Sweepstakes Gaming: Predictions and Trends

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Table of Contents
  1. The emergence of Virtual and Augmented Reality
  2. How Will AR and VR Impact Sweepstakes Casino Gaming?
  3. AR and VR and Player Demographic Changes
  4. Virtual and Augmented Reality Issues
  5. Conclusion

iGaming is undergoing rapid change — the industry has grown exponentially in the last couple of years and shows no signs of stopping. Experts predict the next few years to be transformative across various sectors, including online sweepstakes gaming. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the developments you’ll see in the market in the upcoming years, keep reading. From virtual and augmented reality innovations to changes in game and consumer demographic, we’ve got you covered.

The emergence of Virtual and Augmented Reality

The digital age has given rise to numerous technological advancements that have changed our lives. They’ve affected the way we communicate, work, and shop, but most of all, how we entertain ourselves. Some of the most significant breakthroughs in this field stem from virtual and augmented reality, the two technologies revolutionizing the world as we speak.

VR and AR aren’t new phenomena — both have established themselves as a prominent category in the video games vertical. According to statistics, there are currently roughly 170 million VR and 110 million AR users worldwide. However, the two technologies have only started to gain prominence in the iGaming realm.

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, the answer lies in player engagement. The two technologies provide a new level of immersive gaming — a land-based casino experience online gaming sites have been trying to emulate since they first appeared. 

AR mixes real-world objects with virtual ones by superimposing the real world with audio-visual elements. VR displays a purely virtual environment, which users can experience and interact with in real-time. In different ways, both systems help players immerse themselves in virtual spaces and explore them in a new and authentic way.

How Will AR and VR Impact Sweepstakes Casino Gaming?

Though they function slightly differently, AR and VR share a similar future in the iGaming sector. The two technologies are expected to revolutionize the industry by creating a new kind of online sweepstakes gaming site — virtual casinos. AR will allow players to overlay a casino graphic on their real-life surroundings using a mobile device. As a result, they’ll have the impression that they’re walking inside a casino, engaging in games, and communicating with the staff and other players.

VR takes these capabilities even further. Players will be able to create avatars and completely immerse themselves in the virtual casino setting thanks to VR headsets. They’ll be able to manipulate objects like casino chips or slot machines and converse with other players and live dealers more realistically.

This technology is becoming so advanced that players might soon be able to experience the game with more than just their eyes. Engineers are already working on special full-body suits sensitive to touch, temperature, weight, and more. If successfully developed, these suits would create a gaming environment that engages all senses — players would be able to hear, touch, smell, and feel the virtual world. 

Once AI gets involved in the sweepstakes gaming realm, virtual casinos won’t need human assistance. Top online sweepstakes casinos’ customer support, payment systems, and security will be fully automated. 

AR and VR and Player Demographic Changes

It is no secret that the lucrative iGaming industry attracts a wide range of players. Still, studies show the average online casino goers are predominantly males between the ages of 18 and 35. Yet, will these figures shift with the widespread adoption of virtual and augmented reality technologies? While it’s still early to make predictions for virtual reality sweepstakes gaming statistics, experts say most likely.

As mentioned, AR and VR can add to sweepstakes casino games’ realism and interactivity. The result is much more immersive and engaging gameplay, appealing to a broader demographic of players. Moreover, a new level of social interaction available through VR and AR sweepstakes casinos might draw a generation of players who have grown up communicating online and are more tech-savvy.

In terms of gender differences, researchers expect fewer shifts. A recent case study shows only around  40% of VR and AR device owners are female. They’re still slightly more interested in other gaming on mobile, PCs, and retro consoles. So, the male dominance in the iGaming sectors, whether they’re looking for casino tips that work or joining gaming sites, is less likely to wane.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Issues

Adopting VR and AR technologies are popular gamification strategies among iGaming leaders. Game developers working in and out of the sweepstakes sector have already incorporated the two in their new game releases. However, the approach hasn’t reached its full potential yet.

The main issue with virtual reality technology stems from its equipment requirements. Games based on this software work with the help of headsets that connect to other devices and display the virtual world through their lenses. The technology requires users to have a VR headset to play, which can be costly. Depending on their brand and capabilities, the current VR headset prices range from hundreds to several thousand dollars, which many can’t afford.

AR is somewhat more accessible because it doesn’t require any special gadgets. Users can enjoy all its benefits using a smartphone with a stable internet connection. Still, this technology doesn’t come without flaws, either. iGaming developers and providers haven’t fully explored AR’s functionality primarily because it requires major adjustments. Not only do their game concepts need to change to suit this innovation. The system requires platform redesigns and regulatory rule reforms, which can be incredibly pricey and time-consuming. 


Integrating VR and AR in the sweepstakes gaming industry promises a brighter future. The implementation calls for costly and lengthy adjustments, but it’s more than worth it because of their potential to enhance the casino experience. VR and AR can help build more authentic casino platforms, enable developers to explore new game concepts, and deliver a more immersive gaming environment. They’ll create more space for innovation, attract a broader audience, and help the industry expand.

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