The Best Free Slot Games: Things to Know

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  1. What Are Online Sweepstakes Slots?
  2. All about Free Slot Games to Play Online
  3. The Best New Online Casino Slot Games
  4. Conclusion

Zero investment to play your favorite casino game is possible with these best free slot games. Slot games have always been popular with the crowd. And that’s why casinos all over the world have employed hundreds of slot machines to help customers make the most of these opportunities. However, when the “new normal” came, offline casinos and slot machines made way for online ones. While people were skeptical at first, more reliable games started cropping up with new graphics and tempting prizes. And now, thanks to their rising popularity, there are hundreds and thousands of online casino games. But how do these games work? And is there a slot games list consisting of the best free ones?

If you are plagued with all these questions, then you have landed in the right place! This article presents a list of things you should know about the best free slot games or online casino games before you start playing them. Not only will it encourage you to join this exciting gaming world. It will also but it might also increase your odds of winning!

And what’s more, we have also carefully curated a list of the best free slot games you can play to win big. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

What Are Online Sweepstakes Slots?

The sweepstakes concept was first popularized in 1953 by Publishers Clearing House with a simple “buy a subscription to win” scheme. They were also trendy among office and home games surrounding huge sporting occasions like Superbowl.

Online casino slot machines and sweepstakes follow a similar gaming model but with a few tweaks. Here, there is no investing for winning kind of scenario. You have to acquire coins (either sweep or gold) to play through the Fortune Coins App’s different games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more. In turn, you can also win casino coins, some of which can be redeemed later on.

Fascinated? Then, we are sure you want to play these popular games too! But before you jump in, here are a few things you should know about the best free slot games.

All about Free Slot Games to Play Online

There Is No Use for Investment

Now, the best online casino slot games do work in a slightly complicated way, but once you know the principle, it is pretty easy to understand.

So first, let’s take a look at regular casinos. Here, you are supposed to use funds directly. You deposit it or withdraw it, as and when required. But in a sweepstake casino, there is no concept of using funds directly.

There is a particular sweepstakes mode. The model dictates that there are certain virtual currencies that a player has to use instead of using funds. You have to gather these currencies by taking the help of free bonus schemes or you can buy them on the website itself.

Generally, all slot world online casinos use this sweepstake model. You can purchase virtual currencies – Gold Coins or Sweep Coins – to play the games. Gold Coins do not have any usable value – you cannot convert them, just use them to remain in the game. Besides, gaming websites also provide sweeps coins as free bonuses when you purchase one or several gold coins or coin packages. On the other hand, these sweep coins can be traded or redeemed. You can also use these coins to play different games in the casino. So the bottom line is online USA slots and sweepstakes model allows playing using casino coins either Sweep or Gold.

They Offer Sign-Up Bonuses

Best free slot games to play online in sweepstakes and social casinos have become incredibly lucrative ever since they started the new scheme of offering sign-up bonuses. As the name suggests, the bonus is applicable after signing up on the website and opening an account.

Sign Up Bonus

The website will directly transfer several gold coins and sweep coins into your website wallet for free. Although gold coins have no actual value, sign-up bonuses offer them as an incentive to keep the players engaged. And if you are a fan of playing games like online poker, online scratch cards, and online slots, these gold coins will be very beneficial for you! You can use them to play social casino slots online for as long as you want.

On the other hand, you also get sweep coins. While the number of sweep coins under the sign–up bonuses is pretty low, these coins are the precious ones. They can be eventually converted once you are satisfied with the winning amount. While the number of sweep coins allotted by websites is different, the number usually lies between 2-10. You can use the sweep coins to play the best online casino slot, but it is not typically beneficial since the number of coins is too low. You would have to be very lucky to win big with a few sweep coins.

Other Bonuses

The sign-up bonus is not the only bonus these online casino slot games in the USA can offer. Several others can also let you earn valuable sweep or good gold coins on the website. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Welcome Bonus

It acts like a tempting offer where online slot websites will give a few coins to players. It encourages them to start playing games for the first time.

Loyalty Bonus

If you play for a specific period, like an hour daily or for a set time every week, you will be given coins as an incentive to keep playing.

Deposit Bonus

One can also receive a deposit bonus from casinos like Fortune Coins slot. It refers to some extra rewards a player gets when they exchange or deposit some amount themselves for playing on the website.

Daily Bonus

Daily bonuses typically include an extra spin on slot wheels or extra chances online like the Fortune Coins slot machine. These will be offered if you are a regular player and play every day.

Referral Bonus

Suppose a friend uses your unique referral code to sign-up for the same gaming website or app. Then, you and your friend will receive this special reference bonus – a few golds or sweep coins each.

Fortune Coins Promo Refer a Friend

And that’s not all. Some online sweepstakes casino USA websites will also bring unique social media contests for their users. These contests will be held on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Players can enroll there; amongst them, someone will be selected at random and receive vast amounts of gold and sweep coins! Follow our Fortune Coins Promo Page to take a chance to win big prizes!

They Are Legal

As we know, several states have stopped playing online slots and casino games as they use funds directly. However, thanks to the unique model of sweepstake games, these games are legal. So you can sit in the comfort of your home, look for the best free slot games and play them for hours! You can buy gold and sweep coins online and use them to play casino games. And when you win big, you can easily convert your earnings!

Casinos Send Free Coins over Mail

We have discussed all the bonuses that a social casino sweepstakes website offers. We will now discuss an extraordinary yet ingenious way of getting free sweep coins – over the mail.

The gaming website does not usually advertise this method of getting sweeps coins. However, if you look deep into a website’s rules and regulations, you will find it. This method of gaining sweep coins via mail is a long and tedious process. And you do not even get a plethora of sweep coins if you manage to fulfill the rules. However, if you are okay with waiting and are patient enough, you can use this claim to get sweep coins for free.

And the best part? It is not a one-time thing – you can do it as many times as you want. With every envelope you send to the casino, they will give you free new sweeps casino coins. But the envelope you send has to fulfill their requirements.

For example, they need your handwriting to be legible. But what the concept of ‘legible’ is, entirely depends on them. If they do not deem it readable, you do not get any sweep coins. Next, you have to follow a set of rules for sending the envelope. You also have to wait for your letters to come via mail before you even process them. However, the entire process will cost a tiny amount – envelope costs, the cost of stamps, and others. If you win some coins, the value of those sweep coins will outweigh these minor expenses.

You Have to Find the Right Casino

Now, another thing you should do is pick the right social casino to play at. There will be several online casinos ready to offer you hundreds and thousands of attractive games. But, finding a reliable, trustworthy website among them is your task. So look for the ones that have good online slot game reviews, have good ratings, and also offer good bonuses. For example, if a website offers several perks for free, it is probably not a legal website. A good one will provide rewards instead of specific tasks or purchases. Also, make sure the website you choose offers safe payment options. It will ensure that you do not end up losing your earnings.

Less Risk Involved

Another fun aspect of these USA sweepstakes casino games is that they involve much less risk than actual online casino games. Therefore, these games will allow you to gain and develop your gaming skills.

This loophole is a great advantage for learning challenging games like poker. Players can use their useless fold coins to practice the game before taking it seriously.

Let’s take a challenging game as an example, say, poker. If you start playing poker, you need to understand what you are doing before playing seriously. Otherwise, if you are unaware of how the game works or which cards are with folding or holding, you will lose valuable sweep coins.

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You can win or purchase gold coins on all online slots USA. They can have no usable or redeemable value, and thus websites will offer hundreds of them with specific tasks or even a simple log-in. So, you can use these coins to slowly learn about a complicated game before you start playing seriously.

The pointers mentioned above will better help you understand these online casino slot games. What’s more, they can also help you eventually win these games! So now that your knowledge of online casino games is whole, here are some of the best online casino slots you can play!

The Best New Online Casino Slot Games

Lucky Clover

If you are a fan of Irish games, Lucky Clover is an online casino slot game that you must check out. The game is available in Fortune Coins Online Social Casino, and one can enjoy the game with all sorts of flour leaf clovers, leprechauns, and even full pots filled with gold from the Emerald Isle.

Lucky CloverFurthermore, Lucky Clover casino slots are played across a conventional five times three grid with twenty different pay lines. This makes it an ideal game equipped with engaging, rewarding bonus rounds and other similar features that will keep you entertained for hours.

As a player, you will need to collect leaf symbols to fill the Lucky Clover meter with the reels. You will also receive a 4x multiplayer when the meter reaches its total capacity.

Therefore, get started by simply logging in to Fortune Coins and making the most of the free spins by merely landing three scatter symbols at any place within the reels.

Hope Diamonds

Every game is fun when there are diamonds involved in the game. Hope Diamond is no exception, which is a 5×3, 25-playline game in the slot world online casino equipped with highly engaging free spins and bonus rounds that will get you hooked on the game. This is an ideal game if you are interested in landing some unique precious stones to take you further ahead in the game.

Hope DiamondsHope Diamond allows you to land three different bonus symbols and get started with the bonus round to collect three precious gems and win a prize that can be multiplied up to three times.

This social casino slot game online will also allow you to land three identical symbols stacked together on the first or second reel. You can further lock them in any specific place and get a two-times multiplier and increase your rewards by multiplying them up to five times with the appearance of the stacked reels.

Classic Slots

Traditional land-based casinos are the best, and topping that off with fantastic fruit machines is the ideal definition of fun new online casino slot games. This is what Classic Slots brings forward through Fortune Coins Social Casino.

The game more or less defines the term classic as it comes with a simple layout that makes everything fun and exciting with unique bonus rounds and free spins. Furthermore, unlike most other online casino slots, the levels of rewards are also divided into four different categories, including the hit, super, grand, and royal.

The game is generally known to get more exciting when there are two bonus symbols on the reels. In such cases, you can activate the bonus round and the Wheel of fortune to generate impressive wins, but only after you manage to hit the Spin button. However, remember that the final prize is generally dependent on the level and the bonus.

This means if you choose a higher level, then automatically, your winnings are multiplied concerning the tier chosen when playing online slots.

Pyramids of Giza

The Egyptian civilization has long fascinated us, and many best online casino slot games have derived inspiration from the pyramids. The Pyramids of Giza is also one of those games that come in five into three layouts with thirty pay lines. Playing this game means you can be sure about having a fantastic adventure under the heat of the boiling Egyptian Sun.

Pyramids Of GizaThe most distinct characteristics of this casino slot game are the Egyptian symbols appearing on the reels. These well-known symbols include the Eye of Horus, Mua, Tutankhamen’s mask, and even the Falcon.

Furthermore, the Pyramids Of Giza has fantastic features to keep you hooked on the game for a long time. One of the features includes: if the players land three or more Anubis symbols on the reels, then they will be able to collect ten to thirty free spins. Besides that, the Egyptian princess is out there that can substitute for any symbol appearing on the reels and result in boosting your overall winnings.

Wild Cowboys

Cowboys have always been associated with thrill and adventure, and this is the exact experience you will get from this social slot game. Coming from the house of Fortune Coins casino, the Wild Cowboys are the ideal action-filled game with five into three grids with thirty different play lines, making this game as enjoyable as it could get.

Wild Cowboys

You can enjoy the reverse wild feature of this slot casino online game where a wild cowgirl symbol will appear on the lower row and transform the entire reel into different wild symbols. You can take this opportunity to bag better symbols and winning combinations.

Farm Treasure

Are you a fan of agriculture-themed games? Farm Treasure is the play online casino slot game you need to give a shot as this will provide you with a fantastic farming experience with all the animals and crops. The game comes in five into three slots with a fifteen-playline setup.

Farm Treasure

Players can land a wild symbol on reel five and convert its symbols to symbols from reel 1. However, remember this feature is only accessible when there is no special symbol on the reel one.

You could even land three bonus symbols and start your search for the golden egg by simply tapping on the egg available in the nest.

The basic principle behind the best free slot games, like Fortune Coin slots game, is that farmers rely on good fortune for the weather to be appropriate to support cultivation. Good fortune for the farmers will bring plenty of abundances. Similarly, even slot players can leverage all sorts of farming tools to gain free spins and win the game.

Viking Warrior

Nothing is more exciting than one of the best free slot games – Viking war, and the thrill associated with it. This is what Viking Warrior is all about with video slots that carry varied elements to boost the gameplay and help the player collect amazing rewards.Viking Warrior

The Woman Warrior wild symbol of this game will help you land on the last reel that will call for a Viking army to run through the reels. This allows the player to get more opportunities to win.

There is also the Viking longboat bonus symbol which activates the game where the player needs to tap on the shield and uncover different weapons. In addition, if you manage to trigger three or more scatter symbols, you can win three to fifteen free spins to grow your points further while playing online slots.

Chariots of Gold

Roman mythology has been fascinating to humankind for a while now, and Chariots of Gold is one of the best free slot games inspired by the fortunes of the ancients. This slot game comes with a conventional setup featuring grids with three rows and five reels further enhanced with fifteen lines.

Chariots of GOLD

The unique aspect of this game is the unexpected twists that will undoubtedly keep the player alert throughout the game. Players can even leverage the wild symbol; the rewards are multiplied by two if any one or more manages to land on the winning line.

Besides that, Chariot of Gold also comes with exciting free spins and bonus rounds to make the game more fun and interesting.

Apart from these, some more games can be found, like Candy Dandy, Super Nova, Spooky Stories, Home of Brave, Plutus, Ariel’s Song, Genie’s Lamp, Alchemist Laboratory, and much more.


The popularity of these internet casino slots and sweepstake games is entirely justified – they are so much fun and provide so many opportunities for winning! What’s more, some of the best games even come with customer support, so if you get stuck anywhere, you can surely get someone to help you out. We hope this article helps you understand these games better. So, now that you have a list of the best casino games, what are you waiting for? Choose a suitable match and get started with your sweeps slots and casino game journey. Sign up for Fortune Coins Website today.

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