Fortune Coins Partners Up With Let Us Entertain You Inc.

Fortune Coins Partners Up With Let Us Entertain You Inc.

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Through a new partnership created to bring new games to its existing library, Fortune Coins Casino will collaborate with Let Us Entertain You Inc., Canada’s leading gaming provider

Fortune Coins Casino, owned by Blazesoft Ltd., is one of the leading North American social casinos with sweepstake elements. Fortune Coins has recently partnered with the top Canadian gaming provider, Let Us Entertain You Inc., in an effort to provide its rapidly growing player base with more high-quality games.

The new partnership will expand Let Us Entertain You Inc. further into the social casino sector. As one of the leading game design companies, Let Us Entertain You Inc. states that the perfect game design results from adopting the right partnership. It’s no secret why Fortune Coins was the number one choice for a collaboration with its robust platform, popular games, simple registration procedure, rewarding bonuses, and constantly growing game library.

Since its launch in April has amassed 2 million registered users across the United States and Canada. It currently has one of the largest selections of slot, fish, and card games where players can expect increased play sizes and win bigger jackpots. All the games are carefully crafted to provide the best gaming experience. With the new partnership, Fortune Coins Casino will work closely with the gaming provider’s team of seasoned game artists, developers, and mathematicians, boasting a new collection of diverse and unique games.

In his statement, Mickey Blayvas, CEO of Blazesoft Ltd., expressed his gratitude and excitement about the partnership between two leading brands that have repeatedly proven their dominant status in the highly competitive social gaming market.

There is no doubt that the new-forged alliance will bring a lot of opportunities to Fortune Coins players, both old and new. Our goal for Fortune Coins has always been to provide an all-encompassing gaming experience to our users and working with Let Us Entertain You Inc. will enable us to achieve that,” Blayvas said.

Blayvas is confident that the partnership will lead to many exciting projects and further development for both parties, expressing his hopes for a long-term partnership between Fortune Coins and Let Us Entertain You Inc.

“Fortune Coins Casino will continue working hard to remain the number one choice for its players in the US and Canada,” Blayvas added.

Players at are bound to benefit significantly from the partnership. Let Us Entertain You Inc. games are infamous for their high-quality, unique gameplay, custom-made visual effects, and premium graphics. Fortune Coins players who have grown a large affinity for Fortune Coins games can get excited about the end-to-end game design, top-tier animations, and seamless performance from the forthcoming games.

About Fortune Coins:

Owned by Blazesoft Ltd., Fortune Coins is a social casino with sweepstakes elements, dedicated to providing high-quality, free casino-style entertainment to players in the United States and Canada. The Fortune Coins casino sweepstakes model gives registered players an opportunity to win free coins that can be used to play every game in the website library, including casino-style slot games, fish games, and card games. For more information, visit

About Let Us Entertain You Inc.:

Let Us Entertain You Inc.. provides end-to-end game design services starting with UI/UX design, 2D artwork, 3D modeling, and animation.  As one of the leading game design companies, we understand that the perfect game design results from adopting a partnership approach for creative collaboration.  Our 100+ team of creative game artists, animators, developers, and mathematicians work closely with clients to turn our clients’ visions into profitable realities.

Let Us Entertain You Inc. designs ideas to create engaging and enriching gaming experiences for players.  Our game design experts are always driving the game experience further with popular and exciting features based on our existing and emerging game models and mechanics.  Our games are designed to drive business results without compromising on the entertainment value for all players.

For further information: Yuliya Ivanisova, Head of Partnerships & Marketing, Fortune Coins Casino, [email protected]

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