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How Does RNG Work in a Social Casino?

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Skepticism always creeps in after a loss, with that nagging feeling that the games could be rigged. This doubt casts a shadow over the casino’s fairness and raises some serious questions. Can the game outcomes be tampered with? Does every player have an equal shot at winning, or is the deck stacked from the start?

Here’s some good news. All legit casinos use a Random Number Generator (RNG) system to ensure every game outcome is completely random and fair. Every second of the day, it works behind the scenes to guarantee the fairness of your favorite roulette, blackjack, and slot games 

Since RNG plays such a crucial part in maintaining game fairness at social casinos such as Fortune Coins, we thought it would be helpful to break down how this mechanism works. We’ve prepared this guide to explain the role RNG plays in the integrity of social casino games, ensuring that fun and fairness always come first. 

Understanding RNG and Its Role in Social Casinos 

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is the heartbeat of fairness in both traditional and social casino games. This technology ensures that each spin of the slot machine, shuffle of the cards, or roulette wheel spin is completely random for every player involved. Even though social casino sites in the U.S. and Canada have their own virtual currency, they still rely on RNGs to ensure fair play.

What Is RNG?

An RNG is a complex piece of algorithmic software that generates unpredictable numbers or symbol sequences, eliminating any chance of manipulation from either side.

For example, a Random Number Generator in slot machines crafts an algorithm that determines where the reels land. As soon as you press Spin, the RNG picks a random number for each reel, which corresponds to a particular symbol or blank, determining the outcome.

It all happens in the blink of an eye, kicking into gear the moment you start playing. RNGs are always running in the background, generating thousands or even millions of sequences every second to keep the game outcomes unpredictable.

These RNG algorithms are stored on secure gaming servers. They are controlled either by the game providers themselves or by a third-party service.

How Does RNG Work in Action? 

Say you claimed the Fortune Coins daily bonus and decided to use those free coins on your favorite slots. Here’s what happens once you fire up the game and start playing: 

  • Pressing Spin: When you hit the Spin button, the system promptly generates a seed number. The seed is determined by several unpredictable factors, including exact time down to the millisecond. Think of this number as the initial kickoff point for the game.
  • Seed to number: This initial seed number is processed by a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG), where it undergoes a series of mathematical manipulations. These operations churn out a sequence of numbers that appear at random.
  • Determining outcome: The system picks one or more numbers from this sequence to determine the result of your spin, such as whether it’s a win or a loss. Each number’s corresponding outcome is predefined in the game’s outcome chart.
  • Continuous generation: After your spin, the PRNG continues producing new numbers for the next spins, using the number you generated last as the new seed for the next sequence.

This setup guarantees that every move in the game is isolated and unpredictable. Advanced algorithms create a set of numbers that won’t repeat for an incredibly long time. As a result, the games are always fresh, and the outcomes are fair.

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Different Types of Random Number Generators 

There are two main types of Random Number Generators: 

  • HRNGs (Hardware Random Number Generator or True Random Number Generator): These devices generate genuine randomness, tapping into physical phenomena like electronic noise or quantum effects. They’re highly unpredictable and secure because they don’t rely on patterns. However, they require special equipment, making them less common in the online gaming scene, where software solutions are more practical.
  • PRNGs (Pseudo Random Number Generator): A mainstay of online and social casinos, PRNGs generate number sequences that mimic randomness through mathematical algorithms. As mentioned earlier, the sequence starts with a seed value. While theoretically predictable if you know the seed, in practice, it’s nearly impossible to guess the result. This makes PRNGs reliable and efficient in creating fair game outcomes.

Both HRNGs and PRNGs are vital for ensuring game integrity, but the latter is ideal for social casinos. They offer a good balance of unpredictability and efficiency, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of online games.

Do All Casino Games Use RNG?

Thanks to this technology, every spin in an RNG slot online game and roll and deal in digital table games are entirely random.

For live dealer games, it’s a mix of real-world actions and digital fairness. Unlike purely RNG-based titles, these games involve real dealers shuffling cards or spinning roulette wheels in an attempt to mimic a physical casino experience. Actions like shuffling are often performed by staff other than the dealer and monitored by a pit boss, just like in land-based casinos, keeping the online environment fair.

Debunking Common RNG Misconceptions

Here are a few misconceptions about RNGs that often swirl around online gaming circles. Let’s tackle three of these fallacies head-on:

  • RNGs can be decoded: It’s a common myth that players can decipher the code of RNGs by spotting patterns over time. However, trusted online casinos use RNGs that are based on intricate algorithms that are impossible to predict without knowing the initial seed, which is highly secure.
  • RNGs favor certain players: Another misconception is that RNGs are programmed to favor specific players or times of day. The truth is — RNGs operate with complete impartiality. Players’ chances of winning are random and unbiased, governed by algorithms that ensure each game moment is isolated and fair.
  • Big wins trigger cool-off periods: RNGs are believed to “tighten up” following big wins, but that’s not how they work. They do not keep track of previous outcomes. Each game or spin is an independent event, making the game’s probability consistent and fair after every outcome.

How Social Casinos Play the Game Differently With RNG

Social casinos take a unique approach with their Random Number Generators (RNGs). Unlike their traditional counterparts, whose focus is squarely on profit, social casinos use RNG to create a more engaging and entertaining experience. Here, it’s not about tweaking the system for gain but about fine-tuning it to maximize player enjoyment and game interaction.

Providers grant social casinos access to the source code, which is stored on secure servers. This allows social casinos to adjust RNG slot machine outcomes in a way that emphasizes exciting gameplay. This means that you’re likely to see more winning spins or those heart-stopping near misses that keep you coming back for more, not just to fill your pockets but to enrich your day with top-notch entertainment.

This approach is what makes social casinos unique — it’s not solely about who wins the biggest bonus but who has the most fun. Namely, social casinos keep players involved for the joy of the game itself by prioritizing engaging gameplay and thrilling near wins. It’s a refreshing twist that puts the spotlight back on enjoyment, making every session about having fun and connecting with others.

Entertainment Over Earnings: The Social Casino Ethos

In social casinos, the guiding principle is “Fun first, fortune later.” These platforms are all about entertainment, creating a space where gaming excitement is the main attraction. Sure, winning in-game currency can be a buzz, but it’s important to remember that chasing real bonuses isn’t the end goal.

Social casinos emphasize fun over the hunt for real winnings. They’re about sharing those high-energy moments and enjoying a well-played game. This mindset fosters a welcoming space for everyone, whether you’re a gaming veteran or just starting out. As a result, social casinos have become a favorite spot for engaging, free fun in the online gaming world.

Ensuring RNG Integrity: How to Know It’s Working

If you’ve ever wondered whether someone is checking the accuracy of RNG systems in casinos, the answer is yes. Several regulatory bodies ensure these systems are fair and unbiased. Here are some of the most respected organizations in this field:

  • BMM Testlabs: First, BMM dives into the game code to hunt for vulnerabilities. Their process includes rigorous testing phases, such as the Diehard Battery of Tests, which really puts the RNG system through its paces to ensure it’s acting randomly.
  • iTech Labs: This team analyzes the RNG code in detail to identify any weak spots. Then, they move on to two critical phases of testing, including die-hard tests and outcome distribution checks, showcasing the RNG in real-world scenarios to confirm its reliability.
  • Gaming Labs International (GLI): GLI’s approach to RNG verification covers several bases. They begin with a general overview of the RNG code, followed by the Diehard Battery of Tests and Outcome Distribution Tests, ensuring the algorithm’s results are genuinely random and fair. Fortune Coins has a GLI accreditation, offering a fair gaming environment.
  • eCogra: Known for its commitment to player rights and fair play, eCogra thoroughly examines games to ensure they meet RNG requirements, performing detailed analyses and offering their prestigious certification to those that satisfy the requirements.


How does RNG work in online casino games?

RNGs, or Random Number Generators, ensure every outcome in online casino games is totally random. They use complex algorithms to produce unpredictable results, guaranteeing fairness across all games.

Are slot machines actually random?

Yes, slot machines are entirely random, thanks to RNG. This system makes sure that every spin is independent, with outcomes impossible to predict or manipulate.

Does Fortune Coins Casino use RNG?

Absolutely! Fortune Coins Casino utilizes RNG to ensure randomness and fair play. After signing up and grabbing your no deposit bonus or some free spins promotions, you can play the games with confidence.

Can players predict RNG outcomes?

No, players can’t predict RNG outcomes. The complexity and security of RNG algorithms make it impossible to foresee the results of any game, maintaining a level playing field for everyone.


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