Things to know: Online Sweeps Casinos

Things to Know about an Online Sweeps Casino

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Table of Contents
  1. What are Sweeps Coins Casinos?
  2. How to Sign Up for a Sweeps Coins Casino Account?
  3. How Does Sweeps Casino Work?
  4. Method of Getting Free Sweepstake Coins
  5. How to Claim Sweepstakes Bonuses?
  6. FAQ

An online sweeps casino represents the latest intriguing free casino games in the United States. These casinos allow gamers to sign up and play with no deposit required and walk away with some good bonuses.

What are Sweeps Coins Casinos?

The online sweeps casino made its debut in late October 2021. Since it is a sweepstakes casino; no purchases are required to play. These sites allow gamers to join and play various casino games such as slots, keno, sports betting, and blackjack using Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins. Sweeps Coins can only be exchangeable for bonuses by players who are lawfully residing in the United States. Washington state residents are not qualified to enroll in games or claim bonuses. Players in some places may play Sweeps games but are not allowed to exchange Sweeps Coin earnings for bonuses due to other applicable local and regional rules.

You can get the bonuses by utilizing the free casino sweeps coins and exchangeable bonuses. Players may also play these games and casinos for free, using the free Gold Coins as intended rather than the free online sweeps coins.

The bonuses are transferred to the player’s bank account in a thrilling but legal manner. The United States, for example, has a slew of these casinos scattered around the country, apart from Washington, where the activity is illegal.

How to Sign Up for a Sweeps Coins Casino Account?

Fortune Coins makes it simple to create a new account. You may make an account on the casino’s sign-up website if you’re 18 years and older and reside anywhere in the United States except Washington state. Fortunately, Fortune Coins allows you to create a new account or utilize your existing Facebook account to register on our online social casino.

Follow these procedures to register with Fortune Coins directly:
  1. On the right side of the display, click the “Log In” button. Alternatively, click on “Join Now” at the center of the Fortune Coins Social Casino website.
  2. Enter the email address and a password or sign up with your Facebook account.
  3. If you choose the email sign-up: 100 000 Gold Coins and 200 Fortune Coins will be awarded to you.
    Sign Up Bonus
  4. By choosing Facebook registration, you will get awarded 140 000 Gold Coins and 300 Fortune Coins.
  5. Check the box to indicate that you have read and agree to its terms and conditions and the privacy policy and are at least 18 years old.
  6. Check the box if you’d like to get emails about special deals, incentives, and promotions.
  7. To finish, click the “Create an Account” button.

Enjoy the games!

How Does Sweeps Casino Work?

Sweepstakes promotions are legal in the United States and allow businesses to market their products by giving out free entry into random sweepstakes draws or games of chance, offering potential consumers a chance to win bonuses.

Fortune Coins Social Casino distributes sweeps coins in various methods, which we’ll go over in further detail below. It also boosts Gold Coin by providing free sweepstakes coins when purchasing Gold Coins. Sweeps coins are used to play games, and winnings are exchangeable.

Method of Getting Free Sweepstake Coins

Free sweeps coins in an online sweeps casino perform the same functions as paid sweep Coins. The free coins are deposited to your casino account, and you may use them as you usually would.

What is more, the free sweeps coins could be used on any activity inside the sweeps coins casino from whence you obtained them, and they are non-transferable. The difference between utilizing Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins at the casino is that Sweeps Coins are playable for bonuses if the player wins with them.

There are various options for getting free sweepstake coins right now. After the transaction, the Gold Coins and subsequent free Sweeps Coins are added to your online casino account. It’ll then be ready for you to play with right away. The purchase payment alternatives:

  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Skrill

Understanding Play by Examining Requirements

A few free bonus offers will need you to meet play-through criteria before claiming your winnings. It applies to slot machines, sports betting, and poker games. These play-through limitations are in place to prevent consumers from just receiving their free Sweeps Coins and then exchanging them, which would render the sites unprofitable.

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The play-through is the number of times you must play your free or bonus coins before you can exchange them. Usually, the lowest you’ll come across is 1x; some casino games with a minor house edge have a greater play-through, up to 25x.

Play-through criteria are a reality of life regarding betting incentives. It’s always good to read the fine print to ensure you get the best price available.

How to Claim Sweepstakes Bonuses?

When exchanging bonuses, you must exchange your Sweeps Coins for actual currency. To do that, you may save your bonus using: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Skrill, Bank Transfer/ACH, or Gift Cards.

How to Claim Sweepstakes Rewards

Additionally, it’s essential to remember that casinos have set minimum and maximum redemption limits. At the same time, redemptions are often completed promptly, based on the chosen mode of payment, they can take up to six to twenty-four working hours to appear in your checking account.


Why Should I Participate in an Online Sweeps Casino?

Free sweepstakes casinos are fantastic since they allow you to play casino games for no cost. You will not have to pay any funds if you use the Gold Coins to play, and you will be able to enjoy the games for free. However, if you want to play for currency, all you have to do is utilize the Sweeps Coins.

Is It Possible to Convert Gold Coins to Sweeps Coins?

Sweep Coins are not convertible. Gold Coins are solely for fun; however, they will be accompanied by Sweeps Coins when purchased in a bundle. If you wish to utilize Sweeps Coins, make sure you have some in your account or buy a Gold Coins deal to receive more Sweeps Coins.

Is It Possible to Play Casino Games on My Smartphone?

Yes, the majority of online sweeps casinos are mobile-friendly. Many do not yet have a dedicated mobile app, although they offer mobile compatibility. It means that you will need to use your mobile browser to access the casino site.

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