Social Casino Game Genres

Social Casino Game Genres on Fortune Coins

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Although the term “social casino game” implies a specific genre, it only refers to the type of free slots and other social casino gaming titles available on a social gaming platform. Furthermore, social casino games can be classified in many ways depending on their theme.

What is a game theme on social casino sites?

A theme in casino gaming is simply a set of visuals. They may also affect gameplay in a video slot or some other free casino game. For example, a slot game with an ancient Egypt theme will usually feature designs drawing inspiration from the old civilization, with symbols such as ankhs, scarab beetles, and more.

The variety of social casino games

In short, social casino games (including social jackpot slots) come in different shapes and sizes, featuring exciting and unique themes to attract players with various preferences. Let’s check out some of the most popular titles and their designs you’ll be able to play for free at Fortune Coins.

  • Fantasy Themed Games

The fantasy genre enjoys immense popularity around the globe. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many casino games and slots in particular use various fantastical elements and stories for inspiration. Multiple sub-genres have flourished over the years, such as fairy tales, epic fantasy, and more, but we won’t explore those further. What matters is that the social casino games at the Fortune Coins casino site feature a wide range of these themes.

  • Play Social Casino Games with Seafaring Themes

For example, if you’re into seafaring stories and like movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, a social casino game such as Ghost Pirates will definitely meet your needs. Another title with a similar theme is Three Corsairs. If you’re into classic fantasy tales, you might like the Fairy Tale slot or a few other similar titles.

  • Free Casino Games with Traditional Epic Fantasy Themes

Fans of traditional epic fantasy featuring goblins, orcs, dungeons, dragons, and more, are sure to enjoy titles such as Red Horde. Some fantasy games, like Viking Warrior, combine history and fantasy, offering a unique experience to those who are into Norse mythology.

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Popular games on Fortune Coins that will transfer you to a fantasy world

Here’s a list of the most popular fantasy titles at Fortune Coins. The platform’s social casino game portfolio keeps growing, meaning additional fantasy-themed games are on the way.

Ghost Pirates Social Casino Game

  • Three Corsairs
  • For the Realm
  • Merlin’s Tower
  • Fairy Tale
  • Red Horde
  • Ghost Pirates
  • Viking Warrior

Culture Themed Games

Slot developers and designers often create games that portray various cultures, especially centuries-old ones, such as ancient Egypt, which we’ve already mentioned.

Egyptian themes

Even though Egypt-themed titles, such as the Pyramids of Giza or the Great Sphinx, top the list, you’ll often find social casino games associated with Chinese, Indian, Arab, Greek, and other cultures with long histories and traditions. All of them interpret luck differently, which is perfect for the narrative of games with a chance element.

Social Casino Game - Fantasy Themed

Eastern Cultures

The Chinese have always believed in good fortune, which prompted developers to create Caishen of Prosperity. The release includes various elements associated with Asian culture, including different gold objects, tokens, koi fish, and even Caishen himself.

Old Empires

If you’re more into European lore, titles such as Chariots of Gold will be right up your alley. This game features elements of the ancient Roman empire, including associated symbols, such as swords, musical instruments, and more.

Chariots of Gold Social Casino Game

  • Caishen of Prosperity
  • Cleopatra’s Gems
  • Prince of Persia
  • Anksunamun
  • Chariots of Gold
  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Great Sphinx

Classics that are free to play

Classic games often stand out from the pack thanks to their structure and visual elements. Their design should resemble vintage slots that were popular in land-based gaming facilities of the second half of the 20th century.

Most feature similar symbols, such as 7s, bars, fruits, and more. Moreover, classics tend to have more straightforward gameplay, with fewer bonus features and smaller grids. In some cases, they will only have one payline, and your goal will be to match three symbols on it to win coins.

A popular example you’ll find at Fortune Coins is the 777 Hotline slot, which features a three-reel grid with just one payline. However, it also comes with a wild symbol that can substitute other symbols on the reel. Other combinations you can land are triple sevens, seven, triple bars, double bars, a bar, dice, lemon, cherry, and bells.

  • 777 Classic Slots
  • Candy Keno
  • 777 Hotline
  • Casino War
  • Hot Triple Sevens
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Holiday Themed Games

Holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter are often the subject of tons of web content, such as various festive movies, shows, games, and more. This trend also exists in the realm of social casinos. Therefore, you can find a couple of options themed around holidays.

Christmas-themed social casino games

At the moment, Christmas games are the most dominant ones, and one title that stands out from the pack is Santa’s Secret. Father Christmas is there to bring you presents, but he doesn’t look all too friendly, and his little helpers seem more like minions than caring elves. The designers wanted to add a spooky twist to the social casino game and succeeded in doing so.

Since Fortune Coins is a relatively new social casino, the number of holiday-themed games is still low, but it will increase in time as the platform continuously launches new games. In other words, you’ll probably play a new Christmas slot every time the holiday approaches.

Santa's Secret Social Casino Game

  • Merry Scary Christmas
  • Santa’s Secret

Fruit Games to be found on the best social casinos

The fruit games are separate from classic slots, although the two categories share similar elements. The fruit symbols often appeared in old mechanical slots, and this trend has persisted even today. That said, fruit games evolved over the years, resulting in many different variations of the same theme, albeit more engaging and with additional features.

A prime example of fruit games is the title Fruit Vegas, which features a 5×3 grid with different types of fruit as symbols on the reels, including lemons, bananas, plums, grapes, watermelons, and cherries.

  • Fruit Vegas
  • Fruit Disco
  • Double Triple Fruits

Final Thoughts

To sum up, themes make games unique and exciting, and you’ll often find just about everything you need in social casino games, especially online video slots. Check out the available options if you’re unsure which theme you like the most. Of course, even if you prefer fantasy to fruit titles, you can still explore social casino games beyond your sphere of interest. Who knows? You might even find a new favorite among them!

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