Playing Free Online Casino Games in Canada

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  1. What Are Online Sweepstakes Casinos?
  2. How Do Casinos With Free Online Games Work in Canada?
  3. Types of Free Online Casino Games in Canada
  4. How to Play Free Online Casino Games in Canada
  5. Bonuses and Promotions

Online gaming has swept the globe, and Canada is no exception to the trend. With over 19 million active users, iGaming is one of Great North’s leading industries. However, not all facets of this sector are equally popular. Sweepstakes sites with free online casino games in Canada have gained significant traction recently, and have become popular igaming sources.

If you’re curious about these gaming platforms, you’ve landed on the right page. This article explains what sweepstakes sites are, how they work, and the benefits they offer. Read on to learn all you need to know.

What Are Online Sweepstakes Casinos?

Sweepstakes are a contested scheme that is independent of casino-style gaming. It first appeared as a form of lottery in the mid-20th century. The model was based on the idea of competitions that required no purchase for participation. Over the years, the sweepstakes model evolved and entered other industries. However, the basic rules persisted across all formats, that entry in to such contests was free of purchase, and this included online casinos.

Modern sweepstakes casino sites in Canada provide all the usual gaming features. They host a plethora of popular casino games, organize and host tournaments, and offer generous bonuses. Nevertheless, they do not work with real funds or require investment. Their primary purpose is entertainment, so they let patrons play online casino games for free.

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How Do Casinos With Free Online Games Work in Canada?

Now that we have explained the fundamentals of sweepstakes in the previous section, let’s look into their structure. You may be wondering how these platforms operate with no capital. How do they survive without using real funds?

The answer is, sweepstakes casinos rely on virtual currency. They let players use special casino credits to try their luck at games and enter competitions. In that sense, all casino games these sites host function as mini-contests. Users provide casino credit to participate, try their luck, and compete for real bonuses.

But where do the credits for the games come from? Players obtain casino credits in two ways. They receive them for free, or can also purchase them from the casino store. Free credits are called gold coins and have no real monetary value. They’re only used for playing casino games.

The other form of currency is coins you can purchase from the casino, which are known as sweeps, but their names can vary from brand to brand. For instance, one of the most popular social casinos with sweepstakes elements refers to them as Fortune Coins

Sweeps work similarly to gold coins in that you can use them to play games and participate in casino contests. However, they offer one more benefit. Unlike gold coins, sweeps have a monetary value. Sweepstake gaming sites allow you to exchange them and exchange them for real funds.

Because of this advantage, sweeps withdrawals typically feature terms and conditions. These rules are similar to those you’d find in regular casinos. They may include wagering requirements, maximum and minimum cashout limits, and so on.

Types of Free Online Casino Games in Canada

Sweepstakes and social gaming sites host various popular casino-style games. The following sections list and explore the most common ones.


Slots are among the most commonly-played game genre in online casinos. In fact, their popularity is on the rise. So, it’s no wonder you can find them on almost all online gaming sites, including sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes slots’ designs are no different from what you’d find in standard casinos in Canada. The graphics are up to scratch, and the gameplay is simple. The players must pull the lever to put the reels in motion and wait for them to reveal a symbol combination on each payline. Combinations of winning symbols win bonuses.

These games feature various themes, from the traditional fruits and gems to classic TV- and movie-inspired storylines. They come with diverse reel-row combos and special features. Players can boost their winning chances with wilds, multipliers, free spins, bonus wheels, and more. Some releases also feature progressive jackpots that run into the millions.


Farm Treasure Fairy Tale

Table Games and Video Poker

Canadian sweepstake casinos offer a solid collection of table games. They have all the classics, such as poker, blackjack, and roulette. Baccarat and craps are more challenging to find, but they’re also available. The most common is video poker, especially in “Jacks or Better” and “Joker Poker” variants, as can be found at

The main differences between these games in conventional online casinos are their rules and gameplay. Sweepstakes casinos adjust their table games to comply with various gambling laws. So, you may find roulette or craps releases that use playing cards instead of the traditional wheel and dice. These changes may seem unusual initially, but you’ll find the games are equally entertaining once you give them a try.  Plus, they offer an extra advantage — you can play them completely free of charge.

How to Play Free Online Casino Games in Canada

Now that you know the basics, let’s explore how you can play free games on Canadian sweepstakes sites. The process is straightforward, but let’s review it anyway.

    1. Choose a casino you like — The Canadian iGaming market boasts a solid number of reputable sweepstake casinos. Research your options, look into their gaming libraries, and ensure they’re legal in Canada. Pick your favorite.
    2. Sign in — Visit the casino’s official website and fill out the registration form. You’ll have to provide some info; your name, date of birth, email address, and so on. Make sure the details you’ve provided match the data in your valid legal documents and submit the form.
    3. Claim your bonus — Access the account using your credentials and check your balance. Some casinos automatically release welcome promotions, while others require users to activate them manually. If the bonus funds aren’t in your account, visit the Promo section for instructions on how to claim them. Alternatively, contact customer support to learn about the bonus rules.
    4. Browse the gaming lobby — Navigate the catalog and check out what’s offered — the best sites with free online casino games in Canada feature mini-guides. If you’re having trouble picking the right title, you can always refer to these resources for help. They outline the games’ rules and explain how they work.

Happy gaming!

Bonuses and Promotions

Your free gaming sessions don’t have to end once you spend your welcome bonus. Canadian social casinos offer plenty of other ways to fill your gaming accounts and extend your gaming sessions.

As previously mentioned, sites with free online games allow players to obtain credits for free or by purchase. If you don’t mind the latter, simply visit the Cashier and follow the on-page instructions. If you want to get the coins for free, you have a few options:

  • Request them by mail — Most sweepstakes sites allow players to request coins by mail. Write a letter containing your info, like your name, address, and account ID, and post it to the casino’s official address. The management will verify your identity and send you the coins shortly after that. 
  • Get them through social media — There are two ways social media can help you play your favorite free online casino games in Canada:
    • You can claim a sweeps bonus by connecting your social media profile to your casino account. Check your casino’s terms and conditions to learn more about the rules regarding these types of promotions.
    • You can enter social media contests to earn casino credit. Social gaming platforms regularly post competitions on their official social media profiles. Keep abreast of their posts and jump into action as soon as you see a contest that piques your interest.
  • Earn them through referrals — Some sites with free online casino games offer bonuses for referring friends. The rules of these promotions differ between casinos, so it’s best to consult customer support or skim the T&C page for details.
  • Claim them by logging in — The best platforms offer daily bonus to their loyal players. These incentives usually comprise a small number of coins and require no purchases. All you need to do is log into your account daily, and the coins will appear in your account balance.
  • Exchange them by verifying your identity — All reputable social casinos comply with Canadian laws. One of the legal requirements calls for users to verify their identity through a KYC process. The procedure includes sending a photo of your ID, utility bills, bank statements, or similar documents to the casino. Players who complete the procedure get bonuses in the form of sweeps or gold coins.

Final Thoughts

Online gaming may be popular in Canada, but not every province allows it. Fortunately, iGaming enthusiasts have found a remedy to these rules in sweepstakes and social casinos. Thanks to their business model, these sites are available in almost all provinces and offer free online casino games in Canada. You can join, play, and win real bonuses in a few simple steps. Try it out — you have nothing to lose!


Can I play free online casino games in Canada?

You can. Several reputable sweepstakes and social gaming sites offer online casino games for free. You can play them by registering, verifying your identity, and claiming bonus coins.

What games can I play on CA online sweepstakes casinos?

Online sweepstake casinos in Canada offer various casino games. Slots take the first spot as the most numerous, followed by video poker, blackjack, and roulette. There are also sites with free baccarat, craps, and specialty games, but they’re less common.

How do free online casino games work?

Free online casino games in Canada hosted by social casino sites share most of their rules and gameplay with regular casino titles. However, they don’t use real funds. Instead, they play with casino credits players obtain through the gaming platform.

Are free online casino games available on mobile in Canada?

Yes. The best sweepstakes and social gaming brands offer mobile-optimized websites. You can access them through any mobile device with an internet connection. Simply load the site in your browser and log into your account. 

Can I win real bonuses in sweepstakes casinos?

You can. Online sweepstakes casinos in Canada allow players to win real bonuses. All you have to do is play with sweeps coins, strike it lucky, and follow the casino’s withdrawal rules to cash out the funds.

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