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How to Play the Fish Table Game

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A fish table game is an evergreen for every self-respecting casino, whether it would be a social casino or a regular one. Everyone who spent some time around online casinos noticed that each casino site features the same old games. You’ll have your range of differently-themed video slots, a few table games, several variants of video poker, and maybe the occasional bingo, keno, or scratch card game. So how to play the Online Fish Table Game?

If you are bored with all these casino classics and want to try something fresh, we suggest checking out fish table games on sweeps coin casinos. These interactive titles are slowly beginning to appear in the libraries of top-level casino gaming sites and sweepstakes casinos alike, and with good reason.

But you’re probably wondering how even to play a fish table game. Is it complicated? What are the rules? How much can you risk? These are only some of the questions we’ll try to answer in the article below, so give it a thorough read.

Fish Game: Online Basics

An online fish table game is a social casino online game like no other. You don’t need to spin any reels, throw dice, guess numbers, or play cards. Yes, this type of game doesn’t feature any elements of other typical casino games whatsoever.

Instead, you’ll be in control of an underwater cannon and shoot at different types of marine animals. Each fish you catch will get you a bonus, and the RNG will determine how many projectiles you need to catch it.

Naturally, the bigger the bonus a fish carries, the more difficult it will be for you to catch, but the likelihood of catching any fish will also depend on the size of your cannon. The bigger your cannon is, the more costly your projectiles will be, but you’ll consequently have a better chance of catching bigger fish.

In other words, it all depends on how you like to play and how much risk you’re willing to take. If your projectiles cost $0.1 each, you’ll only be able to catch small fish that carry relatively small bonuses. Of course, you can also aim and shoot at bigger animals with a small cannon, but you’ll need too many bullets to catch them, and you’ll be at risk of them disappearing off the screen before you do.

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The game is really simple to play. You just need to aim at the beginning of each round, by using your mouse and clicking to shoot. Even if you miss, it’s no big deal, as the projectiles will bounce off the side of the screen until they hit something.

Where to Play a Fish Game Online

Online fish table games are still relatively new to the iGaming scene, so you won’t run into them on too many casino sites. Nevertheless, a few fish table online games have caught the eye of various casino operators and are now a standard part of their libraries. Fortune Coins’ signature fish table game is Emily’s Treasure and it’s free to play.

One of the most popular games of this kind is Fish Catch, an RTG creation that made its way to some of the most reputable online platforms. Another well-known title is Emily’s Treasure, a game powered by Fortune Coins that follows the same concept.

If you don’t want to risks and wish to try these games for fun, your best chance (no pun intended) would be to search for them in sweepstakes casinos. For instance, Emily’s Treasure has recently made its way to Fortune Coins, an up-and-coming sweepstakes casino site that also features plenty of slots and other casino games.

By signing up for Fortune Coins, you’ll get free Gold Coins that you can use to play all of the casino’s games, including the fish table game. More bonuses can be claimed every day, while you may also buy Gold Coins and receive Fortune Coins for free.

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