Sweepstakes Online Casino: The Complete Guide

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Table of Contents
  1. What Is a Sweepstakes Online Casino
  2. Principle of Sweepstakes Online Casino Games
  3. Sweep Coins vs Gold Coins
  4. How to Exchange Sweepstakes for Bonuses
  5. Where to Get Gold and Sweep Coins
  6. Some Common Sweepstakes Games

Sweepstakes online casinos can be a great source of entertainment. Gone are the days when online games were treated as one of the most leisurely ways to waste your time. Now, these games have taken the surge up and present a way to generate profit.

What Is a Sweepstakes Online Casino

As the name suggests, sweepstakes is a popular online gaming model that functions on somewhat similar working principles to a regular casino. Here, the only difference is that users play sweepstakes “online” for bonuses. Although when you register or start playing, you are furnished free sweep coins; over time on subsequent playing, the player is bound to purchase sweep coins or gold coins to continue playing.

While this is primarily a colonial venture, there are added benefits, such as the choice of exchanging the won sweep coins for bonuses once you are satisfied with the amount won from sweepstakes games online.

More than 49 states in the USA and Canada coherently have made sweepstakes online games legal, giving them a breath to function freely, which in turn heightened their popularity over time.

Simply put, online sweepstakes casino games are digital ventures where you find fun and gain casino gaming experience.

Principle of Sweepstakes Online Casino Games

Though sweep casino involves currency exchange, sweepstakes casinos are devised to meditate on a more friendly casino platform. Besides, most sweepstakes casinos in the USA proffers some free sweeps as a welcome package. Therefore, if the player wants, they have the option to invest when needed; they aren’t bound to do so.

Sweepstakes harbor two distinct types of currency: sweep coins and gold coins, where one holds the power to be exchanged in return for currency while the other is merely used for sustaining in the online game.

Among the two, sweep coins are the ones that are mandated to be purchased in exchange for currency to book sweepstakes slots to play table games and even poker.

On the other hand, gold coins cannot be cashed out yet are still welcomed for purchase as long as the player is willing to fetch the product the coins are used for.

Sweep Coins vs Gold Coins

As we stated before, the entire sweepstakes game room online functions on two types of coins, sweep, and gold. You might be wondering why two. What’s the difference? Here we have jotted down a detailed summary for your reference. Have a look.

Sweep Coins

They are what the player mandates to get started with their online sweepstake gaming journey to stand a chance of winning some currency.

Sweep coins are gaming casino currency. Generally, many online sweepstake casinos in the USA offer them to their players the moment they sign in. It’s worth noting that no one would offer them free of cost until a coin package is bought along for playing purposes. And if you find any site proffering such coins for free, there is a high probability they are running the same illegally.

Besides that, entrants can also fetch some valuable sweep coins by participating in contests conducted on various online platforms, like Twitter, and Facebook where winners are randomly picked.

After fetching or buying, as the situation be, players can use those earned sweep coins in sweepstakes slot machines and other table games, similar to regular casinos. Therefore, fetching you the opportunity to convert the earned coins into currency as and when the player feels satisfied with winning.

Gold Coins

Gold coins are another form of currency used by leading sweepstake casinos, and a lot of times, these are proffered in bundles upon signing up. What makes them different from sweep casinos is the fact that despite being bought in exchange for bonuses, they hold no monetary value in the real world and cannot be traded for sweep coins.

Therefore, gold coins can solely be used to play and enhance your virtual social status.

The question that arises here is, why would someone purchase gold coins when they have no relevance? The answer is pretty simple, they are cheaper than sweep coins while having much more screen time in comparison to them, filling in the ultimate need of players.

How To Play In Sweepstakes Casinos

How to Exchange Sweepstakes for Bonuses

A legally operating USA sweepstakes casino is well-regulated and trusted by its players. Although a legal sweepstakes website is bound to comply with the set norms that are well regulated by watchdogs like Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) to ensure norms are well followed with privacy protection. You cannot deny that trust is earned by proffering a valuable and honest service to their players over time.

But before all of these, one needs to undergo an identity verification process to convert their online sweepstakes into bonuses. The process typically consumes a couple of days, but the time varies depending on your chosen platform. Besides, the verification process doesn’t really refrain you from playing online casinos with sweeps.

Again, once you are done with the identity verification, you can easily convert your sweepstakes casino to bonuses in no time.

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Where to Get Gold and Sweep Coins

There are multiple ways to fetch gold and sweep coins for playing in online casinos and the very first one is merely signing up on any such sweepstake platform. Yet, remember you are allowed to operate only one account on such websites, creating multiple accounts by a single user might lead to a penalty.

Apart from signing up, another most prominent way to fetch gold and sweep coins is to purchase them via spending in a sweepstakes casino. Besides this, the best sweepstakes casinos even proffer some daily free sweeps which are fun and help the casinos encourage people to return.

There are other ways too, to fetch sweeps for casinos online which are apparently mentioned in a detailed format on each website as per their norms, independently.

Payment Options for Sweepstakes Online Casino Slots

The best online sweepstakes casino will facilitate an extremely easy and painless process to fetch you their available coins, irrespective of the type of game you are willing to play. Here are a few common safe payment methods to purchase the coins you desire:

  • Bank Transfer
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Visa

Although all the mentioned modes are easy and reliable, traditional bank transfers are preferred to purchase sweeps from online casinos. That’s because these are the extremely transparent forms of transaction helping businesses comply with the set norms.

Apart from these, you can even employ other payment modes such as e-wallets to purchase coins.

Some Common Sweepstakes Games

As mentioned before, online sweepstake casinos proffer similar services to a regular casinos, and games aren’t an exception to it. Instead, the services presented are much more quality. Some of the common sweep gaming titles are:

  • Video poker
  • Progressive games
  • Slots
  • Table games

Most of these are traditional games with a modern twist to hold the player’s interest. Among these free slots, sweepstakes are the most popular ones, fetching an impartial payout. Here are a few slot games that are worth spending some currency on.

Take Away Expert Tips to Secure Odds of Winning

Play with a verified or reliable sweepstakes casino site

Now that you have decided to spend on casino sweepstakes online, make sure you perform your vivid research. Check the payout system, reviews, site reliability, and competence with the device you would be using to play. Since it is an online game, having these fact-checked can ascertain basic things, increasing your odds of playing, therefore – winning.

‌Take Time but Locate Low House Edge in a Sweepstakes Online Casino

The low house edge is the proportion of how much a casino pays compared to the actual payout odds. Devouring time on locating such games can help save in the long run. Although the job might seem time-consuming, it is worth every penny invested.

Be Careful

It is extremely important to remind yourself that it is statistically normal even if you face losses at the initial stages. What’s worth noting is the fact that you don’t put a bigger stake with an ideology of gaining them all back at once. In such sweepstakes online casino games, there is a term called ’tilt.’ When this happens, the other players are bound to take advantage of your poor decision-making for their benefit. So understanding, taking a step back at such a worst-case scenario is more feasible than putting all your stakes with an idea to gain all at once.

‌Don’t Miss Out on the Free Sweeps

Multiple sweepstakes casino sites offer alluring incentives ranging from the initial sign-up to daily bonuses. Make sure you have all free sweeps coins collected. Casinos proffer them to be used at their own site, not others. Here are a few bonuses you can look forward to collecting more sweep bonuses:

  • Sign-up bonus: received the moment you sign-up on a reliable site.
  • Welcome bonus: a bonus that encourages players to try their hands for the first time.
  • Deposit bonus: a few sweepstakes casinos in the USA tend to proffer some additional awards when a certain predefined amount is deposited or exchanged by the player for playing.
  • Reference bonus: awarded to the participants who fetch some more fresh entries using their unique referral link.
  • Daily bonus: not mandated to be cash. It covers a wide range of items, like an extra spin on a slot machine or an extra chance.
  • Loyalty bonus: can also be termed a tempting bonus. These are awarded to people opting for playing online for a specified period with a motive to earn set incentives.

Combining all of these bonuses and free sweeps from casinos themselves can fetch you enough to start your first game, therefore make sure you choose a site that offers a maximum of these to take advantage and increase the odds of winning.

Learn sweepstake casino strategies

It would not be very smart for someone to invest a bucket full of dollars in a game they aren’t even aware of. However, playing is all about luck; that’s not what always happens. A little strategic play combined with luck can fetch you better odds of winning. So, make sure to plan your strategies by understanding how things work in and around before beginning.

Quit when you are winning

It is quite alluring to stick to a site when you have been on a winning streak. But remember that’s the most common pitfall one faces when playing online sweepstakes casino games. That’s because the chances of losing down the lane are pretty high. So make sure you set your budget and stick to it. Even if the winning streak continues. This would save you from losing the bonuses you won.

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