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A sweepstake casino is not the same as actual casino site. This makes sweepstakes casinos, or sweeps casinos as they are often called, a hot trend on the rise. Finding the best sweepstake casino to play for free online is not an easy task.

The process of looking for the best sites to join can be tiresome. Well, that’s where we come in, or more specifically, this short guide of ours. It will tell you the most vital aspects of the best sweepstakes casino. Once you are done reading, you will know what to look for.

A Sweepstake Casino Does Not Require a Purchase

Some sweepstakes casinos focus solely on earning more, so they ask players to make deposits as soon as they join, even though they can play sweeps games for free.  

You need to look for a sweepstake casino that has these three essential features:

  • only requires you to register an account to start playing;
  • payments are completely optional;
  • it awards you with free gold coins when you sign up and continues doing so through various other means as you play. This is the case with Fortune Coins social casino – upon registration, users are awarded 140,000 Gold Coins along with 500 free Fortune Coins;

With such a sweeps casino, you won’t have to spend funds to get more gold coins to be able to play

Only Reason You Need to Deposit in a Sweepstake Casino – Obtain More Coins and Prizes 

As you already know, sweeps casinos have two currencies:

  • Gold Coins (GC) — You use them to play sweeps casino games for free.
  • Sweeps Coins (SC) — You use sweeps coins in sweeps games and exchange them for prizes later. Read the sweep rules for Fortune Coins.

If you want to start buying prizes, you have to use sweeps coins. That’s how things work in all quality sweepstakes casinos. You can obtain these coins when you buy gold coin packages. 

Like we’ve already said, a great sweepstake casino will not make this a requirement. It will also allow you to play games with free gold coins. However, if you want to start winning prizes or run out of gold coins — you will have to purchase a package. 

The top sweepstakes casinos such as the Fortune Coins Social Casino do just that — they let you play for free through free bonuses and provide you with other ways to get free gold coins. They only require you to deposit when you want to start using sweeps coins to win prizes. 

A Sweeps Casino Portfolio: Sizable Library with High-Quality Games

Every good sweeps casino needs to have an extensive library. That being said, the said library should be a balanced mixture of quantity and quality

It needs to be filled with a sizable number of quality games like:

All of these are incredibly popular among US players, and if you’ve used sweeps casinos before, you’ve probably loved playing them. 

Diversity is very important to many players. Most notably, the platforms should include fish games in their offer, as they are likely among the best types of games in a sweeps casino. Fortune Coins Social Casino is fully aware of this fact, and as a result, has some of the best fish table game to be played online.

Rewarding Bonuses You Can Claim Every Day

A good sweeps casino offers a wide range of bonuses and promotions, but the best one gives daily promotions

That’s what you’ll get with a platform like Fortune Coins, which rewards its players with 140,000 Gold Coins and 50 Fortune Coins (sweeps coins) just for logging in. And it does that every day. You can also get various other bonuses as an additional perk if you connect your casino account to your Facebook account. 

Naturally, many of these will be deposit bonuses, so you’ll have to make a deposit to claim them, but a superb sweeps casino will ensure the entire process is a breeze. It will make the minimum deposit as low as $1 and let you get some bonuses, like the login bonus, for free. 

A Sweepstakes Casino’s Website: Must Haves

The future of the sweepstakes casino is with smartphones, as is with all casual games. Nowadays, most players want to play on both: desktop and phone. In fact, many of them prefer mobile to desktop apps.

Every sweepstakes casino that wants to be among the leading ones in the industry should have this covered. It needs to have:

  • Well-optimized platform – for fast and smooth sweep games
  • Site that works equally good on both: computers and mobile devices
  • Mobile site for both: iOS and Android to guarantee an enjoyable game to all players

In addition, a sweepstakes casino can offer an app for smartphones, but it should still be able to run within a browser in the same way and with the same efficiency.


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